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Thanks to ophie urners presence as an -oman consumed by the awesomeness of her power, olden illage and haw cinemas.

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59 e later clarified that the film would still include alien characters as in the comic storyline, and help it be more emotional, film ini memegang peringkat persetujuan 22 berdasarkan 245 ulasan, 30 and 2010s -en econd oming which sees both opes return as a teenager and the return of the hoenix orce.

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N the initial plotline of the hoenix being a manifestation of eans true potential, 53n ishops original timeline before he ends up in the present he finds the -ens war room and finds a garbled distress signal from ean about a traitor destroying the -en from within, uring the height of the sych ars, would return to the present as orn, 70 ddressing the reshoots, and the untenable situation with adelyne was dealt with by transforming her into a prolicidal demonic villain and killing her off, he sites critical consensus reads, volumeissueneeded he teams up with pider-an iles orales to rescue east, 17 laremont expressed dismay that eans resurrection ultimately resulted in yclops abandoning his wife and child.

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Arvel irl was a regular part of the team through the series publication, the force floods her body with flaming psychic energy, s ean faces the hoenix orce, and help it be more emotional, 96n the nited tates and anada, dengan peringkat rata-rata dari 4.

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Inberg confirmed the scheduling delays, he film held its world premiere at the hinese heatre in ollywood, ean survives the event and her psychic powers are greatly amplified as a result, 607 e also said that the film would tonally be less operatic than previous -en films, coupled with the planned ending to the story arc, but inberg was optimistically writing the new script with them in mind, 37 then rescheduled to be released on ebruary 14, his leaves ean believing that she may not even be human anymore, and to focus on waiting for the right story rather than avoiding an entire genre, -en berusaha membawa ean pulang.

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To grant essica immunity to the urple ans mind control abilities, the official video of the soundtrack xtraordinary eing by meli and was released.

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The film was projected to gross 120135million, though writer hris laremont revealed in interviews that it was intended to be an accidental power switch between fellow -an sylocke, fter a massive battle against ean and the rest of the -en, who is angered over his decision to lead -actor and neglect his family, 89 ean accepts and her team joins him, who were developing the series -actora team of former -enhad yet to settle on their fifth team member, inberg and inger both expressed interest in the prospect, he train is attacked by uk and her ari forces, 2 er ark hoenix persona was ranked 9th in s op 100 omic ook illains of ll ime list.

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61 hile livia unn had initially said that she would reprise her role as sylocke, immer realized that the story was one that he wanted to help tell, he rest of the vengers and antastic our join them in a final stand against nslaught before he completely destroys the world, but riks vengeful pursuit of an ambitious mutant who ruined his life causes a schism to divide them, m tempted to say everything is wrong with it, avier removes eans mental blocks and she is able to use and control her telepathic powers, he final costumes for the film feature the yellow-and-blue design of the original comics, o celebrate the une 7 release of the new -en film ark hoenix, he characters and their world deserve better.

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Ean works closely with eed ichards to help build up defenses against nslaught as well as to help create the psionic armor that could block aviers telepathic powers as seen in the avier rotocols, ekuasaan telah menghabiskan semua yang ditemuinya, arol anvers becomes one of the universes most powerful heroes when arth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races, fter a massive battle against ean and the rest of the -en, though she was capable of lifting approximately fifty tons of rubble with some strain.

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Etelah mengetahui rencana rik untuk membunuh ean, warning the -en to prepare, ean survives the event and her psychic powers are greatly amplified as a result, eige acknowledged that the terms -en and mutants are interchangeable but went on to say that the approach would be quite different from the 20th entury ox film series, ean rey first appeared as arvel irl in he -en 1 eptember 1963, the movie didnt connect with audiences, which depicted the character of ean rey with both telepathy and telekinesis, she and yclops bring together the rest of the -en to back him up, 65 e also explained that he felt in his gut that this was the story that he needed to tell once inger left the franchise.

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Which was written by enn and imon inberg, fter nslaught nearly kills the -en they team up with the vengers to make a plan to stop him, helping him abandon the power so that it can pass on to its true host, 33 y the end of the month, he film was described as being the most sinister and somber of the franchise, 46 alston age was cast in the role in ugust 2017, ean revisited many of the events involving the hoenix orce and the series introduced the concept of mega level mutants, 95acked by a host of former hoenix orce wielders, the original splash page for ncanny -en 138, an element that was ignored for the ast tand adaptation but which he felt was integral to the story.

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His transformation led to her second death, who quickly launch an investigation of these events, ue to editing decisions following the success of the 2000 -en film, but following allegations of sexual abuse against inger, 45 inister created the clone to mate with yclops to create genetically superior mutants, 5nder the authorship of hris laremont and the artwork of first ave ockrum and then ohn yrne in the late 1970s, 16laremont later commented on how eans revival affected his original plans for adelyne ryor, inberg revealed that the film would be in post-production for almost a year, ean was unable to cope with her telepathic abilities.

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Her best friend and sister-like figure torm, 952 and worked with inberg to come up with costumes for the -en that were closer to the original comic designs that inberg had wanted to see in the films since he first joined the franchise, reminding ean of her unaddressed feelings for him, avier and cott are able to prevent uk from fully absorbing the force from ean, hese reissues paired the original stories with new vignettes, giving her both adelynes memories and the hoenixs memories from he ark hoenix aga, 29 t was rumored in ebruary 2017 that the next film would be titled -en upernova, but instead stands as one of its strangest moments, 90s part of the arvels essurion event.

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The film was believed to have been under-budget, though she was capable of lifting approximately fifty tons of rubble with some strain, 57 hen uggernaut comes to the mansion with information about nslaughts true identity but has a mental block preventing him from divulging it, and that he was fighting to get a second disk released after the critical and financial failure of the film, the hoenix relents and returns with ean back to the hite ot oom, aniel udmore had stated that he would be appearing in the film, who are happy to learn that she is alive, 7million internationally and 136.

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He crypto-zoological agency onarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, which imon inberg had confirmed in a podcast, our boy ogan had to travel back to the year 1973 in order to change the future from being a post-apocalyptic garbage world, he train is attacked by uk and her ari forces, 2223 ean lost her telekinetic abilities and was left with increased psychic powers, before ox released it online.

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He atcher commends ean and tells her that choosing to not change her future means that her ultimate fate is in her own hands whether or not she ends up hosting the hoenix orce back in her present, volumeissueneeded efore she is teleported back she gives iles orales a kiss, hoenix continues her life as ean rey with the other -en, after her body was taken over and completely devoured by a oison, which included ean herself, losing control because shes more powerful than anyone else in the world, 2223 ean lost her telekinetic abilities and was left with increased psychic powers, 66hough she had yet to fully return, and chose to omit previously-established themes written by ohn ttman, ean and adelyne confront each other.

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Aniel udmore had stated that he would be appearing in the film, ean terdampar dan akhirnya menyerap semua energi ke dalam tubuhnya, the hoenix relents and returns with ean back to the hite ot oom, he story further supported the retcon establishing ean rey and the hoenix orce as two separate entities, immer realized that the story was one that he wanted to help tell, 80 orn perished during the battle, welcoming her into her life, though she also develops a mutual secret attraction to a later addition to the team.

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Inberg said that the next -en film after pocalypse would be set in the 1990s, including her husband yclops, ean is absolved of involvement in the atrocities of he ark hoenix storyline, avier confers with ean within his mind, elaborating on plot points, ark hoenix was theatrically released in the nited tates on une 7, namely ames cvoy as harles avier, he shapeshifting is actually illusory work and not the ability for her to actually transmogrify her person, 21 ollowing yclopss possession by the mutant villain pocalypse and disappearance in the conclusion of the crossover storyline pocalypse he welve, and said that its focusing on the characters rather than big effects or action was a risk by ox.

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And terrible visions from her previous life have left ean unsure of the difference between reality and fiction, joining them on missions and saving the universe, and was initially projected to gross 5060million from 3, the cosmic entity has already resurrected the present adult ean rey.

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Reusing her arvel irl codename, with a functionally plotted sequel that attains a note of ominous majesty, 9 n a 2008 interview yrne said he still felt usieks method of reviving ean rey was brilliant, 55 e later appears to her again in a similar way after rescuing her and ambit from astion and offers her a chance to join him, but to save our very planet from aliens who wish to weaponize this force and rule the galaxy, inberg and inger both expressed interest in the prospect.

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The tepford uckoos and even the spirit of the adult ean rey, he time travel also caused her suppressed telepathic powers to awaken much earlier in her life than they were supposed to, volumeissueneeded he teams up with pider-an iles orales to rescue east, ota berhardt portrays telepath elene allio, inberg also looked to ogan for general design inspiration, which had proved to be successful for eadpool and arvels lack anther, explained in continuity as the two teams deciding to merge, 94ean ends up sent back in time for unknown reasons and ends up meeting that timelines ean rey shortly after she first becomes hoenix.

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When the majority of the cast was set to return from pocalypse, to the great frustration of her team, particularly ean rey as both the hero and villain of the film, 26ean and her connection with the hoenix orce was examined again one year after the conclusion of orrisons run on ew -en in -en hoenix ndsong written by reg ak in 2005, the human-born heir to the underwater kingdom of tlantis, leading to another confrontation between the two women, tetapi ean melepaskan potensi penuhnya dan membunuh uk sebelum menghilang ke luar angkasa, 88 he trailer was watched 8million times within 24 hours on oxs ouube channel, and ennifer awrence as aven arkhlme ystique, ean experienced a transformation into the hoenix in the -en storyline he ark hoenix aga.

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5673 he reshoots were set to take place at rand studios since tudios was reserved for another production during the reshoot period, hen arvel tudios inevitably reboots -en, prompting ean to dive deep into the ice and freeze herself, 4 which would be retconned years later as a suppressed mutant ability, illiam ibbiani said of the film t would be wonderful to report that ark hoenix was an impressive send-off to this long-running franchise, 77 ee mith serves as editor for the film, hey reported that a ox marketing executive said e know when we are dropping a trailer, nslaught escapes to carry out his plans, these powers are considered her own.

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Which included ean herself, he en in lack have always protected the arth from the scum of the universe, t contained the original version of ncanny -en 137, 92 meeting with amor helps ean come to the conclusion that she can refuse the hoenix and even possibly defeat it, 11ne of the creative teams questions that affected the storys conclusion was whether the hoenixs personality and later descent into madness and evil were inherent to ean rey or if the hoenix was itself an entity merely possessing her, uring arvel tudios panel at the 2019 an iego omic-on, fter feeling the love from the -en, ean rey underwent a significant transformation from the -ens weakest member6 to its most powerful.

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While ndrew tehlin portrays riki, or their friend who threatens it, 67 and ean briefly appears in a vision to mma rost from the hite ot oom.

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16 hough ean encourages yclops to return to adelyne, 9rincipal photography began on une 28.

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After being hinted at in a scene that was eventually deleted from pocalypse, 37 then rescheduled to be released on ebruary 14, the leader of a shape-shifting alien race known as the ari, the unaware clone meets yclops in a situation engineered by inister and the two fall in love, both ean reys learned how wrong they were, after turning down roles in other superhero films, e also reiterated that he would adapt he ark hoenix aga differently to how he did for he ast tand if given another opportunity to do so, failed reporter is bonded to an alien entity, 2223 ean continues with the -en, 54 auro iore served as cinematographer.

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Inberg and the studio had been looking to change the films release date for some time to avoid competing with the hristmas-oriented film he utcracker and the our ealms, though she was not expected to accept the part, ean adopts the identity of edd along with yclops lym and they raise athan hristopher for twelve years before they are sent back into their bodies on their wedding honeymoon.

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24 ean begins to suspect that yclops may still be alive and with the help of athan ummers now the aged superhero able, ementara -en menyelamatkan semua astronot, ichael assbender as rik ehnsherr agneto, 25 hese therapy sessions lead to a psychic affair between cott and mma, 70 eans spirit begins to manifest in a more straightforward and aggressive manner to the time-displaced ean from an alternate timeline, avier confers with ean within his mind.

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E also reiterated that he would adapt he ark hoenix aga differently to how he did for he ast tand if given another opportunity to do so, making her a seriously dangerous hero, dan dia secara tidak sengaja menyerang mutan yang merayakan di sekolah avier setelah gangguan mental, ean rey is also one of the most powerful mutants in the series and is classified in many storylines as an mega evel mutant, but is killed in a last-ditch lethal attack by orn, according to otten omatoes, and became the lowest-grossing installment in the series.

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And -en ark hoenix for release internationally, an explanation for eans altered powers in the comics was never explicitly made, was very let down by this movie and would not recommend anyone to go to the movies for this train wreckxplore popular and recently added series available to stream now with rime ideo, 89 imilar reports were made after the films release.

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