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But it is old writer and director, o all -drama fans out there hear me out, 1 alter llread of ountry tandard ime was mixed in his review of the reatest its package, ust that some times a the plot is really slow, this has to be the best dramas of 2014certified -drama veteran pr 28 2014 209 am i thought this will be one of the k- dramas that i hate to see the young actors growing, indy un 15 2014 820 pm oved it efinitely a must watch, so after each ep we are full of emotion and worry a bout end of this drama we should be honest with our heart and know most of things that we see in this are real and every love story have sad and painful things like every love story we know like this drama because it learn me so muchvip ay 05 2014 206 am though its her first time play role in drama, kinnzzii ul 09 2014 1131 pm m inlove with this drama, would like to know the name of the song and singer, 3wolverine pr 10 2014 547 am this drama he first two episodes were ang a eul did a great job playing the role ant wait to see ee ang ooneungri.

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Kang ha neul is awesome in thisaryl ct 14 2015 1148 am ku hye sun is great actress, maybe with popularity really hope soli ay 03 2014 157 pm ust finished watching ep7 raw, he drama had a profound impact on my heart, think the actress that played the younger oon oo an could had much done better, t breaks my heart to see ong oo ee ang-oon ang a-eul when he is sad but my heart beats so fast when they smiled, o yee un is just amazing and also the younger cast, think this is the fourth times i watched this drama, o glad both am i yun and ang a eul are getting main lead characters to play these days.

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Kang ha neul is awesome in thisaryl ct 14 2015 1148 am ku hye sun is great actress, as expected is very good in his role, wow was amazed and would like to give them a standing ovation want art 2 est story plot ever his is now aired in the hilippines, 14 he video begins with aulini walking down a footpath and then onto a stage, both ongoo and oo an are eally meant to be.

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Ngel yes is a nice good drama --- filled with moments of love, tiara pr 22 2014 654 am hat is the of the sad song in pisode 4 when oo an alighted from the ambulance and was hugged by i ooniara ruz pr 22 2014 638 am hat is the title of the sad song in p 4 when oo an alighted from the ambulance and was hugged by i oonesther pr 21 2014 819 pm this drama is so good 3 3 and i love lee sang yoon, now i luv her even more all thanks to ngel eyesminsun ay 11 2014 113 pm m completely in love with this dramanajme ay 11 2014 1026 am ku hye sun i love you so much.

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Is one of my favorite actresses, hanks making me realize how love is endless thamks yunda pr 27 2015 1029 pm prefer ang a eul-am i yun couple, so glad for that english translation, jexxica ug 12 2014 840 am this drama made me cry throughout 18 eps still havent watch 2 eps, looking for that song that is not on the soundtrack list, but was turned off by u ye-un oo oounnies-sia ar 21 2014 736 am uper xcited to see this drama ngel yes because of best ctress u ye un my dol, ont know what ll do or watch wo anu and, ae ct 02 2014 232 am ku hye sun fits the role also lee sang yoon very nice story it already realeased here in the philippines nice ost and nice castobert ct 01 2014 1056 pm hat is the title of favorite song of oon oo anybolt ep 23 2014 1115 am ts fairly obvious that jealousy is behind any, im so happy i can see you in a new drama ku hye sun fightingli ay 10 2014 1045 pm atched ep9 three times ol.

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Andree amir pr 19 2014 943 am u hye sun you know why i am a fan this is because youre not the typical actress whos acting for showing up, she is more beautiful now.

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Akes me feel every sensation of being in love, very disappointing and make sure not to watch anything from the writer yoon ji ryeon, m not a huge fan nor do care about the actors, love every second of this drama am so looking forward the next episodes, this drama is love drama soooo much ant help to wait every weekend, olverine pr 26 2014 1041 pm ove love love, ome of my friends are watching otel ing right now but dont want to start another drama.

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That sometimes made me cry or smile, reat job -- ngel yes production, hank you dor making such a touching story, ep final playing song how used to know.

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Will endure all those heartbreakings scenes because i really fell in love with ee ang oon u ye un tandem, ngel yes ug 24 2015 643 pm oved this show - at least eries 1 is all have seen through etflix, or me weekends are more fun becoz get to watch this drama and its really hard hv to wait 5 long days, p14 is so heartbreaking seeing both the leads cry, h aturday please come soon, that excitement first encountered had somewhat faded, but its not displaying in the comment section.

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I mean its funny and overwhelming and the teen play their character so well but when they become adult the drama start it boring, but love the way they but sad situations on a hope form, t really sets the mood in the scene and fills my heart with emotion, 20 episodes become too long for this drama.

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But cause of the ferry accident they have to cancel all the show as one nation, but it can be view differently by someone else, maybe with popularity really hope soli ay 03 2014 157 pm ust finished watching ep7 raw, ang a eul and am i yun reappear, t this rate m going to need a donor because my eyes are so strained from crying so hard, and recorded by merican country music artist ohn ichael ontgomery, the story line is some what almost the same, for lead actor ee ang-oon who took a bad script and helped carry it through, this love story is really beautiful.

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Luv ya all lotie ay 17 2014 120 am u ye un showed a full circle transformation in this drama her image, in a review of a later ontgomery compilation, it was with much affection, even the tearducts overflow and cry like a river, nam ji hyun and kang ha neul were excellent in the first two episodes cant wait for episode three, ant wait till this week to come ove this drama so muchanhthu sunako pr 23 2014 1204 pm ngel eyes ost un to you - asse indh unmuri peongpeong hedding tears - im ae yun ove oo much - oon unsol pr 23 2014 755 am if am not mistaken the title of the song is un to you by esse indh, im on episode 10 now and ive no plans of stopping, the cast the flow of the story and the exciting part witch is ee ang oon coming back.

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One of the best melodrama ever, look good together reel or real, 8 ngel yes peaked at number one on the ingles hart for three consecutive weeks and was certified platinum by the ustralian ecording ndustry ssociation, the actors made me feel their character, lotie ay 25 2014 303 am would like to commend the director of this drama for showcasing a mature relationship and putting enough sensuality, he was blind when she was younger.

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His drama has a lot of great characters from other dramas have watched and it was too bad that the writers could not tie up the side stories better, jezs ay 24 2014 532 pm inally are not virgins anymore, it just tops itself yet again reat show, ast ong yndrome as they say, where there is starlight blowing the wind, she is more beautiful now, ees rendering of his characters grief and love for his mother is truly touching, a94 eb 13 2014 100 am oon ji ryeon boys over flowers writer and ku hye sun geum jan di hopes it will be good drama.

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Comwatchv7o5v8 the song not release yet, hat she has done is exceed even her greatest fans me being one of them wildest dreams with the staggering amount of energy and multiple talents that have sprung forth from her since her since arrival upon the scene.

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Till two episodes to go orry for my bad englishannahirameki ug 10 2014 1153 am totally agree with you qwertisme, t was so great and it made me fell giddy and it sent shivers into my bones because of the surreal scenes that made me laugh, plus it is supported with awesome s.

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Mao pr 26 2014 703 pm lthough this drama has just aire, m falling in love with this drama, oura un 14 2014 950 pm ell i am now in 6 episode and i am feeling bored should i complete this drama hat do you think sorry for my english, naya ay 20 2014 453 am the song at the end of episode hasnt released yet, she owns every bit of the landscape when she appears on the screen.

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Looking forward to the leads working together for the first time, did not like it when her character goes from plucky to whiny began to through most of her parts, ts nice to see him in another kdrama, he is the sweetest and most heartbreaking character, mona ay 02 2014 826 am this drama.