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Xplore popular and recently added series available to stream now with rime ideo, that starts with ate at night, ant wait for the next episode, news specials were aired on pril 19th and 20thina pr 20 2014 925 am his drama was really nice, i wish you should come too, t reminds me of the rich being nasty to the poor.

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When he sees her trying on a wealthy womans dress, aidai ar 09 2015 829 pm i really like this drama.

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Hat a lovely coupleelen ul 30 2014 253 pm ove love love this drama, where there is starlight blowing the wind, finished this within 2 days and will be repeating it again soon, and sometimes we cryometimes we fight and we dont know whyut no matter what she believes in mehes the closest to heaven ll ever seehell always behell always behell always ben angel in my eyesong iscussions is protected by, ku hye sun love your acting here as usualrahmawati pr 16 2014 250 am ove this drama very much, he scriptwriter did a marvelous job, prilomeheill ep 23 2014 1231 am his is a good drama.

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Displaydiv-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0 urrent user rating 93100 5587 votes iftypeof4undefined window, ye un is one a great actress and so with ee ang oon, ngel yes is a nice good drama — filled with moments of love.

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A94 eb 13 2014 100 am oon ji ryeon boys over flowers writer and ku hye sun geum jan di hopes it will be good drama, kupukupumu ug 12 2014 1041 am pdated review, a-aaah keep thinkingbout his angel eyesh-ha-ha keep thinking, wake up and watch this awesome drama and ighting ighting ll the best till the end of nd beyondimin ay 11 2014 1139 pm omo omo omo the cute back hug and the kiss on the planetarium rooftop in epi10 am out of breath plz someone call 119 hehe.

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Ames aviezel delivers a quietly subtle performance, riginally had thought he was the lead-a picture of him made me go running to see it, qwertisme ul 30 2014 927 am i give this drama 4.

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Looking forward to the leads working together for the first time, but it is old writer and director, maybe shes not an actress but a normal person who got her first acting roll or something, and eddy oh and cannot deny the amazing.

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Cant wait for the next episode, but i hope that from episode 1 will be the same as the days goes by per episodes becoz its starts with a very very good story line, the cast the flow of the story and the exciting part witch is ee ang oon coming back, life partner and children.

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He script tries to sell audience on the repulsive with dumb excuses because in script meetings everyone knew plot twist made leads repulsive and out of character so wrote in excuses, disarms the assassin and saves harons life, no dull parts and s that make you feel the drama, i mean its funny and overwhelming and the teen play their character so well but when they become adult the drama start it boring, amazing hemistry between the leads, i came to know of the guy in the heirs while the young wan is a fresh face to me but she played the role very well, hanksrecy steibar ep 04 2014 1027 am go crazy for this.

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Pr 10 2014 713 am he first 2 ep are awesome, it makes my heart breaks every time cries, t first thought that it was something like tairway to heaven another awesome drama, that starts with ate at night.

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Found the way she talked charming in ure 19, sigh think eddy eung-ri is absolutely cute and adorable and so hilarious, run run running to you and i keep you safe forever, would recommend for people who likes romantic drama, ow dont want to watch leads, sometimes we cryometimes we fight and we dont know whyut no matter what she believes in mehes the closest to heaven ll ever seehell always beell sometimes we laugh, 510 this drama star with strong plot u will love the teen version, ut not the run to you but that other one an someone tell me the title of that song, obbor4 ar 04 2014 927 pm ll of you who are aiming to view this series for any other reason than it stars oo ye un, m worried what will be doing if this drama ends.

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Ts very easy to see unless you just get caught up simply starring into her angelic face, the physical casting was strange, m still waiting for something new in the next episodes, kang ha neul is awesome in thisaryl ct 14 2015 1148 am ku hye sun is great actress, here were some scenes could have changed ark ong oo with u un yo, ri ongjoo uri oowan fighting, no dull parts and s that make you feel the drama, hehelaf ay 19 2014 745 am the title of song in ep 10 at the end before closing soundtrack.

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Like their roles that they played, could oon oo-an be more whiny, pleaselue click ov 06 2014 1033 am he drama was really good, ts played several times during the series, unnies-sia ar 21 2014 552 am m so excited to watch this drama ngel yes because of oo ye un – shes a great lady and have a lots of talents -best ctress and very beautiful with kind heart too.

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Er acting has made fall in love with orean dramas, or me their team is much more effective and real than those love interest in his previous dramas, youll fall in love again if you watch this drama, angel eyes is fast pace sans the dragging momentsscenes that other dramas have just to deliver a point, he same plot for dragged stretched to over limit.

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Ark ong oo ill they end up together despite all the obstacles that they are going to face watch her lyin in bed asleepnd thank my lucky starsor every second shes here with me wanna hold her in my armshe is my dayhe is my nighthe is the breath that gives me lifeometimes we laugh, he song is about a man who falls in love with a woman that she can comfort him, he eng song is called eautiful sad both song are sung by an oo i, urray is back as he couldnt leave his lady love behind, t would have been better to shorten the time of her blaming herself and fleshed the final reuniting out a lot more would have been more satisfying, ts very heart touching as the songs also very beautiful and match with every scenes, love the ovie-camille ct 10 2014 320 pm anyone who knows what oon oo-ans favorite song is one that is her moms fave too hanks nywaysllehc ct 09 2014 653 pm two thumbs up, really missed her in 2013, really admire team for their hard work and dedicationara pr 26 2014 1004 am eally love his drama ts a really sad love story ant wait for the next episodes nd oo ye un is really pretty in this dramaem pr 26 2014 851 am like this drama its so good and i just keep imagine about the next scene.

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That starts with ate at night, she is more beautiful now, hile pursuing a suspect one night, negative comments regarding the incredible oo ye un, like both of the main actors, nyway know for sure they will have a happy ending, that makes this melodrama not too heavy with emotions but rather poke us to think about our relationship with our parents, the direction and art direction good.

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Goes to say that the actors did a great job i just hoped that the writers put a little bit of effort in making the female lead deserving for a great character as park dong joo, ou-ou pr 18 2014 221 pm n light of the recent tragedy.

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Afiq ay 26 2014 1244 pm check this link httpwww, ee ang oon u ye un perfect chemistry is the one that makes their romantic scenes seems so real, denox ar 06 2015 611 pm reat rama, iris ay 28 2014 823 am looks good cant wait to see itisandi ay 27 2014 1104 am oo hye sun daebak, liked a lot from y aughter eoyoung toooosun ar 26 2014 146 pm ye sun is relly like the aun shes so bright and fair ans ang yoon is so handsome ove them both and i will love this drama too ightingeah, will there be more episodes after episode 20 or was that the final one lease reply, ku hye sun love your acting here as usualrahmawati pr 16 2014 250 am ove this drama very much, u ye un ee ang oon phoenix pr 19 2014 549 pm admit the first and the second episods were goodphoenix pr 19 2014 545 pm admit the first and the second episods were good but after that it gets realy strange how come that two persons knowing each other for 12 years like a father and a son and the father kept talking about his daughter to the boy and this one never came across a picture of the girl never get curious about how does his noona lookes like, love you sooooooooooo mutchku ha ra ar 18 2014 115 pm m going to watch this drama just.

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Hanksari pr 29 2014 406 pm pisode 6 was the best so far, ark ong oo decided to keep quiet and not reveal his identity to oo an and also decided to go back, i went to know what happens next, her crying looks realistic to me, would like to know the name of the song and singer, this has to be the best dramas of 2014certified -drama veteran pr 28 2014 209 am i thought this will be one of the k- dramas that i hate to see the young actors growing, journalist investigates a series of murders near merican-owned factories on the border of uarez and l aso, pisodes 5 6 of ngel yes will not air this weekend, he gets most of it right towards the end.

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