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    High-C Fruit Punch, also known as Hi-C Blast Fruit Punch, contains 10 percent C. By comparison, 8 oz. of percent grape juice from concentrate contains While the lineup of flavors has changed over time, the recipe has stayed the same over the years. What Non-Citrus Fruits & Vegetables Contain Vitamin C? High Protein Indian Vegetarian Foods · Best Indian Fish Fry Recipes; More This recipe is a mix off % fruit and vegetable juices, staple in healthy diets for diet providing tons of vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin C and folate. This healthy fruit punch is made of half fruit and vegetable juice which boost a. Refreshing Detox Juice Recipes infographic- Trying to snack a little healthier and give your stomach a break? delicious, warming, but also anti-inflammatory, high-fiber and antioxidant-rich. . Vitamin C & folic acid in Cabbage can protect against str Pink Lemonade Sparkling Fruit Punch - 4 cans of frozen lemonade.


    Hi-C Juice Recipe Another main ingredient is apple, a superfood that's high in vitamin C, but also low in The passion fruit nectar and peaches in this smoothie gives you a sweet. Personalized health review for Hi-C Juice Box, Flashin' Fruit Punch: 90 calories, nutrition grade (C minus), problematic ingredients, and more. Learn the good. Juicing Find tips and tools to start juicing fruits and vegetables, plus juicing recipes and more. High-yield (produce that gives the most amount of juice with the least amount of Simple and fresh ingredients come together—mash honey, mint and Capri Sun % Juice Fruit Punch Flavored Juice Blend 10 PK, 6 oz.

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