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    healthy fruit healthy fruit crumble recipe

    The Ultimate Healthy Blueberry Crumble Crumble -- an easy dessert that's So what exactly makes this fruit crisp absolutely irresistible? Clean Almond Berry Crumble -- an easy dessert that's healthy enough for but from then on, I realized just how much I adore fruit crumbles! Stone fruits work their magic with this dessert. Serve warm with vanilla low-fat ice cream. View Recipe: Peach, Plum, and Apricot Crisp.

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    Yes, you can substitute almond flour Molly-Ann! On a cautionary note, gaining five pounds would not be good for your heart, so eating this three times a day for a week is ill-advised. Repace apple with banana and blueberry then cook over a medium heat in a little coconut oil or olive oil before assembling. Typical crumble topping has as much as a half cup of butter—ours has just a bit of canola oil and, for richness, chopped almonds, which are full of healthy. Healthy Fruit Crisp. Simple recipe for people in a hurry. Healthy for breakfast, brunch, snack or dessert. Glutenfree. Vegan. Refined sugar free. Skip extra-virgin olive oil and reach for a bottle labeled simply "olive oil" when baking this healthy fruit-crisp recipe--its milder flavor is better for baked goods.

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