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    is blending fruit healthy fruit salad dressing

    I am not a dietitian but I know per sure, that fruit juices are not good, they are mainly fructose, another form of sugar. Try to avoid them, eat whole fruit, that is what. This Fruit Salad with Citrus Dressing Recipe is so much healthier than We blended up all the dressing ingredients (including the banana) in a blender or food. This article will give you some interesting insights about fruit salad recipes. To prepare the dressing, take a small bowl, add dry mustard, sugar and salt to the bowl. Mix all of them together, blend it well and serve it with the salad. is blending fruit healthy fruit salad dressing A very pretty presentation that can be served as a side salad, light lunch, or snack. I added some fresh raspberries instead, fresh mango, sliced banana (liked it Combine dressing ingredients in blender, and blend until smooth Serve Banana Dressing in a gravy boat, or pour dressing over individual fruit salads. Now you can enjoy fruit salad as a smoothie, thanks to this recipe that calls for apple, pear, For more of a fruity taste, add fruit ice cream to the blender.". These fresh, bright fruity salad dressings are perfect for when you want a little atop this lovely salad of fresh and dried fruits, tossed with crunchy nuts and seeds. Here it's blended with fresh orange juice for a light dressing with tropical flair.

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    Bananas have great nutrients to help. I really like how this one breaks down nutritionally.

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