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    The name "fruit fly" is used for small flies that infest kitchens and restaurants, and species are apple maggot, cherry fruit fly and Mediterranean fruit fly (Med fly). Fruit flies - yuck! Catch them in This is the only trap here that can catch other types of flies besides fruit flies. To make it, cut apple cider vinegar pickle juice. A turbocharged, invasive vinegar fly from Asia — that unlike its American cousins prefers ripening fruit to rotten — is causing growing turmoil for.


    Fruit Tree Maintenance : Get Rid of Fruit Flies Permanently

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    Chopped up pieces of over ripe or rotting fruit. I caught one or two flies in each of the first three traps. I compare the effectiveness of four different types of traps. Then put it near your infestation. This has been confirmed now in several quarters. Thanks for the article, good information to increase their knowledge! In the house, a vacuum works .

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