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    Make and share this Healthy Heart Muffins recipe from Genius Kitchen. If the added fruit sugar from the raisins they will likely be just fine as written. 36 Healthy Muffin Recipes That Aren't Just Cupcakes Without Icing . But if their heart-healthy benefits don't win you over, consider the heap of . And, let's face it, as healthy as the fruit is, it's really the topping that's the star of the show here. View Recipe: Fruit of the Forest Muffins . Snack Muffins. Hazelnut flour (often called meal) is full of heart-healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

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    I added walnuts and some applesauce since I only had 2 medium bananas. Thanks for the recipe! Cocoa batter encases chocolate mini chips, which also melt atop for chocolaty goodness. Good luck with the recipe! heart healthy fruit healthy fruit muffins

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