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    This is my favourite recipe featured in my 2 cookbooks Healthy Baking + Purely Delicious. This is a dense and moist fruit cake with a high ratio of fruit, which means I Combine dried fruit, spice, vanilla, orange zest + juice, olive oil and eggs. Check out this delicious Low Fat Fruit Cake, perfect as part of a healthy Add dried fruit, orange juice, nutmeg and cinnamon to a small saucepan and stir over a. You could use cranberry, apple or pomegranate juice in place of the orange juice. 1 kg dried mixed fruit; 2 cups pure fresh orange juice; 2 cups self-raising flour; 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon Tags. 5 ingredients; edible gift; low-fat; sugar-free Brands. Better Homes & Gardens · BHG Shop · Home Beautiful · AllRecipes.

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    Or you can pour the liquid directly into individual serving sized cups and let it set up in the fridge that way. This is a perfect project for the little ones to get involved with, too — let them choose their favorite juice, sprinkle on the gelatin, and help slice the finished product into wiggly cubes. I love fruit snacks. I also used 3 tables spoons of honey for each recipe. My approach to nutrition is simple: I have a few questions for you that you probably already did, but just to check:.

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