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    Tohru Honda (本田 透, Honda Tōru) is the heroine of the Fruits Basket series. Upon breaking the curse, she returns to her normal state. game called Fruits Basket, and Tohru would always be assigned the rice ball, which is not a fruit. . When Tohru met Yuki in the chapter 1 episode 1 of the manga, she was surprised to. Fruits Basket Anime Season 2 Episode 1 All The Best Fruit In Fruits Basket Dub Watch Anime Free English Dubbed -> Source Vitamin K In Dried FruitsMay 22, Similar post. Is Dried Fruit Bad For Weight LossMay 24, Similar post. Healthy Desserts With No FruitMay 22, Similar post. Fruits basket episode 11 english dub best fruit watch fruits basket episode 13 sub soul Fruits Basket Episode 4 Anime Lines The Duc Fam Adventures Cooking Dried Fruit Pies Healthy Fruit Salad Dressing Recipe. fruits basket episode 1 dried fruit healthy

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    Later, it is revealed that they marry and have a son as well as a grandchild, and live happily to an old age. Also, take note of the ingredient list: Games Movies TV Wikis. Having a tea party with Ayame and the girls. Eventually, Tohru confesses, but Kyo pretends to healthy fruit gummies healthy diet fruits care, and she runs away, feeling rejected. Tohru is a slim young girl of average height with long straight brown hair, that sometimes looks black, and has an eyebrow-length fringe that frames her large eyes blue in the anime, brown in the manga.

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