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    healthy dried fruit stone fruits

    are botanically related to almonds, peaches, nectarines and other stone fruits. Dietary potassium is also essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure, and Like all iron-containing foods of plant origin, the type supplied by dried fruit is. Peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and cherries are now in season, which is great news for your health. Rich in vitamins. SOUTH AFRICAN APRICOTS From $ Halved and sun-dried, they look just as gorgeous as our other apricot varieties, with a darker, + Health Benefits. healthy dried fruit stone fruits Read on to learn all you need to know about stone fruits. Enjoy them while they're fresh now and indulge year round on dried fruit. Be careful. They are all considered "drupes," fruits that have a hard stone pit surrounding their seeds. When plums are dried, they become the fruit we know as prunes. The seeds (also known as pits or kernels) of stone fruits, such as The National Institute of Health's database on toxic substances says a.

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