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    baobab fruit healthy fruit snack recipes

    Baobites™ Superfruit Snacks are delicious, nutritious dried fruit snacks made with Baobest™ baobab fruit powder. A healthy, happy, fruit-ful way to snack. Baobab Foods is proud to share Baobest™ baobab fruit powder and Baobites™ Super Fruit Snacks when you're on the go, baobab is just so easy to love. Recipes using Baobab fruit powder | See more ideas about Powder, Eco fruit fresh salads healthy desserts & bliss balls raw cheesecake & snack bars soups &.


    Baobab Buyu or Mabuyu Candy with Raihana's Cuisines

    Baobab fruit healthy fruit snack recipes -

    Add to water, juice or smoothies for a natural sports drink Mix in yogurt or oatmeal Bake into pancakes, muffins and cookies. Next Level Nutrition Superfruit Powder Baobab is great for adding to the power mix in your blender bottle for the gym or yoga class and adds some kick to your recovery smoothie for after working . baobab fruit healthy fruit snack recipes

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