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    tart fruit recipe for healthy flapjacks fruit and nut

    There are many variations on traditional British flapjack; enjoy this one stacked with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It is super-healthy too. A tasty twist on flapjacks with a luscious layer of apricots inside, from BBC Good Food. A tart, ruby-red coloured berry which grows wild on shrubs throughout northern . I use 70g sugar and 2tbsp golden syrup to make them slightly healthier. I'm also allergic to nuts to swapped the nuts for other dried fruits and seeds. These energy-packed vegan fruit flapjacks are yummy, chewy and, above all, simple to make. This recipe is deliberately inspired by the Ginger & Fruit Flapjacks made by Treacle tart on Patisserie Makes Perfect (vegetarian) Tomato, garlic and prawn spaghetti on Hungry Healthy Happy (pescatarian).

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